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About Swatches

Swatches is a clean and colorful html email template. This template is designed to work with Campaign Monitor and MailChimp, allowing for the easy editing of content and layout.

Want to create your own template based on Swatches? No problem. The modular nature of the template makes creating your own a snap. With a bit knowledge of HTML and CSS, it becomes as easy as copy and paste.

Want to create you own color scheme? All graphic elements are included as well as detail instructions on how to customize each part of the template.

Each template is well commented and valid XHTML.


  • Clean, Colorful Design.
  • Five Color Options. Easily create more.
  • Campaign Monitor Support.
  • MailChimp Support.
  • Modular Template Blocks for Easy Configuration (Copy and Paste)
  • Inline and Embedded CSS Versions
  • Step-by-step documentation
  • PSDs for all graphical elements.

Campaign Monitor

This theme takes full advantage of Campaign Monitors new <layout> tags allowing for easy editing and full control over order and placement of content blocks. No need to mess with deleting or moving blocks all changes can be made in Campaign Monitors editor.


This theme includes support for MailChimp. Build your own MailChip ready template with simple copy and paste or choose from one of the included pre-built templates.


These templates have been tested all the major online and desktop email clients as well as major browsers.


The included Read Me file contains step by step instructions for modifying or creating your own templates.


Font: Mouse Deco by Steve Ferrera


1.0.3 – Updates to documentation, removed unused file
1.0.2 – Fixed MailChimp mc:repeatable merge tag issue.
1.0.1 – Minor tweaks to documentation and folder structure.
1.0.0 – Release



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